This page describes my academic teaching activities. If you want to learn more about my academic research, activities, please see under Research. If you are interested in my non-academic teaching activities, please refer to Digital & Media Literacy and Corporate Training pages.


Coordinator and instructor in Media education, a 1-week intensive module within the Bachelor program for pre-primary and primary education teaching, SUPSI-DFA (main topics: digital media, digital production; since 2014-15).

Coordinator and instructor in Digital technologies and media, a course within the Master program for secondary education teaching, SUPSI-DFA (main topics: digital, technology and media literacy, digital tools for the classroom; since 2014-15).

Introduction to instructional design, 4h session to Ph.d. students and teaching assistants at the University of Lugano, within the Academic teaching program.

Tutoring of Lavori di diploma (Bachelor and Master theses, since 2010)


Instructor in Technologies and media, a short (32 class-hours) optional course within the Bachelor program for pre-primary and primary education teaching, SUPSI-DFA (main topics: media education and digital literacy; two editions, in 2015-16 and in 2016-17).

Instructor in 4 continuing education atelier for in-service teachers on methods for supporting the development of digital and media literacy – namely Digital storytelling (1 ECTS), One-frame Movie (1 ECTS), SoundScore (1 ECTS) and Selfie Awareness (1 ECTS) at SUPSI-DFA. Materials and references are available on www.mediaescuola.wordpress.com.


Instructor in continuing education courses for in-service teachers in Media education (1 ECTS) and Digital storytelling (1 ECTS), SUPSI-DFA.


Coordinator and instructor of Introduction to Educational Research, Diploma program for upper secondary education.

Instructor in the preparation course for International internships at SUPSI-DFA.

Instructor in Teaching and Learning Technologies, Master program for secondary education teaching, SUPSI-DFA (Lectures on media education, atelier on media education).

Instructor in the atelier part of Innovation and Research in Education, Bachelor program for primary and pre-primary education teaching, SUPSI-DFA (Atelier with prospective pre-primary teachers).


Coordinator and instructor of all courses on Educational Research within DFA programs, including bachelor (prospective pre-primary and primary teachers) and master programs (prospective lower and upper secondary teachers).

In this period I also developed a new concept for the teaching of educational research to prospective teachers. In 2012 and 2013, new guidelines for the bachelor thesis and for the master thesis (prospective upper secondary teachers) were also developed.


Consultor at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Online instructor in Diseño de materialed formativos hypermedia in the master program in Educational Technologies. I also serve as master thesis advisor and evaluator. Teaching language: Spanish (since 2006) Online instructor in Teaching processes with ICT in the certificate in e-learning. Teaching language: English (since 2007).


Bachelor course in Game Design at the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the Università della Svizzera italiana (November-December, 1,5 ECTS)

Doctoral online course on Motivation, Engagement and Learning within the red-ink doctoral school. Includes a special podcast interview with J. P. Gee (September, 3 ECTS).

Four workshops (total about 60 hours) within a professional master program in Tutoring and Employment at Cometa Formazione: writing (using creative writing techniques), team communication, project management and instructional design.


Designer and facilitator in the doctoral course History of eLearning within the red-ink doctoral school at the University of Lugano.

Media Production Lab (master in Communication, Education and Training), a practice-oriented lab for instructional development with Web editors, Photoshop, Flash, audio and video editing tools. Teaching language: Italian (since 2004, 4 years).

eLearning Lab (master in Technologies Enhanced Communication for Cultural Heritage), a practice-oriented design and development lab for e-learning in the cultural heritage domain. Teaching language: English (since 2004, 4 years).

Teaching assistant of Instructional Design with Rick Kenny (online course, co-author as well) and Educational Technologies with Lorenzo Cantoni. Teaching language: English (since 2004, 4 years).

The History of Games and Education. Graduate students seminar at the ICT Department at State University New York, college at Potsdam (videoconference session).


Contract professor in Communication Theory and Web and e-commerce at the Università della Valle d’Aosta. Teaching language: Italian (since 2005/2006, for two academic years). As professor, I supervised 5 bachelor thesis.

Learning Objects in the Practice. Graduate students seminar at the Instructional Psychology and Technology Department at Brigham Young University (videoconference session, January).

Games, videogames and education. Lecture for the Master in Tutor for Social work, Cometa Formazione and Università Cattolica di Milano (January)


Games and Education. 1-day seminar in the Summer School in Media Education promoted by the Italian Association for Media Education and the Università Cattolica di Milano.


Online unit about Open Source Software for eLearning for the Diploma Online of the Politecnico di Milano (Italy) (4h online unit).

Online unit about ID and E2ML for CEAP (Brazil) and Novacaritas (Italy) (1 day).


Distance instructor of the online videoconference-based master courses New Media in Education and Educational and Media Design for UNIVELS.

Speaker in seminars about corporate e-learning and Free/Open Software (since September 2003, 2 editions).


Distance instructor of the online videoconference-based undergraduate course Teleinformatica III (database) for UNIVELS. Formerly,instructor also of Teleinformatica I (introduction to computers) and Teleinformatica II (Web). UNIVELS undergraduate programs are delivered in South American States and are targeted to economically disadvantaged youth (since September 2001).

High School Courses

I like teaching young people in high school, and I’ve been invited as guest several times for this. The areas which my contributions address, is media education and technology critical literacy. The topics I usually propose are Introduction to Communication, Searching in the Web, Website Design, Electronic Communication, Effective Communication (Rhetorics) and the Media.