International development

Since 2007, with the start-up of seed, I devoted time and energy to social and international development activities. Following is the list of the most relevant projects.



I am currently president of Associazione seed, and I manage it strategy and sustainability without direct implications in its field operations.

I continue my support to the friends of the Marian Conflict Resolution Centre in Sunyani, Ghana, by assisting them in fund-raising and in the development of training materials.


Development of Tableting for Seniors, a 10-unit course for the digital integration of senior citizens for ST Foundation. With Associazione seed.


Training peace mediators in Sunyani, Ghana. An international development project with the Marian Conflict Resolution Centre in Sunyani, Ghana. Funded by DSC (2012-2014).

Make a change, be a volunteer! Youth development project with the NGO YouthCan in Skopje, Macedonia (funded by Youth for Development, DSC).

Internet-based Consultation and Evaluation (ICE) project in Ghana, with the St. Matthew’s clinic.


Starting in 2011, I set up  a collaboration between SUPSI-DFA and some international cooperation NGOs, so that prospective teachers can have a short (6 weeks) internship in educational international cooperation projects.


Bilateral exchange project with Anthropolis, Hungary, on digital storytelling (funded by DSC)

Emplo-youth-ability: employability training project with the NGO YouthCan in Skopje, Macedonia (funded by Youth for Development, DSC).

Social entrepreneurship for young people, a project with ZIP Institute (funded by Cantone Ticino).


Micro-entrepreneurship workshop with the NGO Analytica, in Skopje, Macedonia (funded by Youth for Development, DSC).

Training program for safe ICT use for people with disabilities, with Pro Infirmis in Locarno.


Entrepreneurship workshop with young people in Skopje, Macedonia (funded by Youth for Development, DSC).


Micro-entrepreneurship workshop and distance tutoring in Catamayo, Ecuador, with a local women’s association. Funded by Youth for Development (DSC)

Digital storytelling workshop in Campeche, Mexico, for the Centro Educativo e Formativo Edimar.

Digital storytelling workshop in Opatia, Croatia, with the ONG DND.


Consultancy activity with Cometa Formazione, for vocational training for drop-out students in Como (sinve 2007, 3 years)

Digital storytelling workshop in Varazdin, Croatia, with the ONG DND.

Design, editing and development of a manual for a Systemic Approach to Rural Development, with Intercooperation. It is available online here


Digital storytelling project with children in special education with Istituto Sant’Angelo di Loverciano.

Design and development of a multimedia product for the calitalization of experiences in water management for developing countries, with Intercooperation. The online version is available at

Development, promotion and management of a Second Life Island for non profit activities, with noWomannoLife.