Current activities

In 2006 I founded seed, a non-profit NGO offering eLearning services for development and cooperation projects. Most of my professional activities are now listed at the organization blog at blog.seedlearn.org. Following is only a sample of the project I’m doing, which run faster than my regular CV-update pace.

Free-lance board game designer. Two board games are being published by Ahorn-Holz-Spiele: Torta and Pattern.


Entrepreneurship workshop with young people in Skopije, Macedonia.

Organizational development training with OCST in Lugano, Switzerland.


3 day train-the-trainers and workshop with children on digital storytelling in Opatja, Croatia, with DND and in Campeche, Mexico (with seed).

Entrepreneurship workshop for a group of young women in Catamayo, Ecuador (with seed).

Working on more (!) European Lifelong Learning Programme projects: LETS (entrepreneurship), ABACO (family budgeting and micro-enterprises), PINOKIO (storytelling), and NOPROS (competencies development in the non profit world) (with seed).


Working on 4 European Lifelong Learning Programme projects: COACHBOT (continuing education for homecare staff), FAIRStart (continuing education for managers in orphanages and step families), SEE A Game (games for enterpreneurship), and Free Technology Academiy (development of online courses in open source software) (with seed).

1 week train-the-trainers and workshop with children on digital storytelling in Varazdin, Croatia, with DND (with seed).

Design, editing and development of a manual for a Systemic Approach to Rural Development, with Intercooperation. It is available online here (with seed).

Consultant and designer in vocational training education, with Cometa Formazione (since 2007, now with seed).


Design and development of a multimedia product for the calitalization of experiences in water management for developing countries, with Intercooperation. The online version is available at www.waterlandpeople.net (with seed).

Development, promotion and management of a Second Life Island for non profit activities, with noWomannoLife (with seed).


Program design and instructional design for vocational training for Cometa Formazione in Como (with seed)


Design of print-based communication materials for educational initiatives (advertising, educational materials, etc.).

Co-design and development with Francesca Paglia of the marketing plan for the modula office furnishing set pianolibero (website)


Design and development of paper-based and web promotional materials for educational events, school promotion, and seminars.

Web Design, implementation and maintenance of www.simonepedroni.com (site currently active!).


Organization and promotion of Iniziativa Lavoro, a seminar program for people interested in understanding their work in the framework of the Church’s social teachings. Development of the program website and promotional flyer.

Collaboration with Edit4, a multimedia publishing company http://www.edit4.it, as database designer and Web application programmer. Among the projects, a learning application for the Italian publishers Le Monnier (web-based + CD-rom) and De Agostini, and for Edufamily, www.edufamily.org (since 2000, 4 years).


Design and implementation of an online survey system for a demoscopic research at the University of Lugano.


Information technology consultance at I.Re.F. Istituto Regionale Lombardo per la Formazione dei dipendenti pubblici, (since September 2000, 2 years).

Design, implementation and maintenance of the administrative web database of the University of Lugano (with Oracle 8i and PHP), a completely online data management tool specifically designed for the university’s institutional information needs (since September 2000, 2 years. the system was used until 2006!!).

Webmaster for the NewMine doctoral school (since September 2000, 2 years).


Design and implementation of the first website of the University of Lugano (now replaced).