I enjoy making games. I enjoy working with my hands, thinking in terms of systems, and creating something that makes fun. More recently, I applied all this also to creating learning games.

FairShip (2012)

FairStart is a European project for the development of a training program for caretakers of very young children, age 0-3, in families, foster families, orphanages and other care institutions. It is built around the secure base model, and target especially caretakers of children with attachment disorders. In this project I was asked to develop a class game for social workers and educators to help them reason around the balance between chores and relationship, and about the use of their two most precious resouces: time and attention. FairShip is the result.


Menu and Fair (2010)

Menu and Fair are two serious games to foster the development of entrepreneurial attitudes. These two classroom games were developed within the See A Game European project, for which I was the lead game designer (through seed). The games are free to download and use, and they have been a key instruments for the entrepreneurship programs I led with seed in Ecuador and Macedonia.


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Revolver (2008)
Revolver is a 2-player game, based on chance and strategy. The prototype, in walnut wood, was developed toghether with the lab at Istituto Canisio, near Lugano.

Bomberos (2008)

My first son had a passion for firefighters (I think just like most children do…), and when he was starting to learning numbers, I developed this small game about fires, trucks and water bombs – which we still play after so many years! It is set in Vancouver, a city where we lived for 6 months, so it’s also a kind of memory game.