The web is my natural environment. Although I had never really used a computer before 1996 (except for some occasional videogame on my father’s old IBM), I then dived into digital technologies all through my studies and professional career.

While I’m not active any more in actual web development I use WordPress websites or just pages to create teaching and learning activities.

Carta da zucchero (ongoing)
Product. My wife’s pottery brand’s website
My task. First design of the website, now WP and technical support
View. www.cartadazucchero.ch

Media in piazza (ongoing)
Product. MiP is a free network of digital literacy educators and organizations in Ticino. This is their website.
My task. Everything… :-))
View. www.mediainpiazza.ch

Institutional website of SUPSI-DFA (2010-2014)
Product. The official website of Dipartimento formazione e apprendimento
My task. Web content management, strategic planning (but no design or development)
Client. Dipartimento formazione e apprendimento of SUPSI
View. www.supsi.ch/dfa


Websites for non profit organizations (2007-2010)
Product. A bunch (20+) of small websites for non profit organizations, mostly in Switzerland and Italy.
My task. Requirement analysis, information design, graphic design (often in cooperation with professional graphic artists), coordinaton of development and promotion.
Client. Work done for seed, on different contracts (and for seed itself!).
View. Some examples are www.seedlearn.org and www.fscb.org, and www.simonepedroni.com.

Websites for transnational projects (2007-2010)
Product. Official and promotional websites for small European transnational projects within the Lifelong Learning Programme / Erasmus+
My task. Information architecture, connection with social media, content coordination, management. I usually team up with a graphic designer and a web programmer (using WordPress in most cases).
Client. Different EU projects partnerships, usually through my job with associazione seed.
View. One xample can be seen at http://startup-eu.net/


DOOR (2008-2009)
Product. An open source web application for the development of repositories of learning objects. Developed with PHP and mySQL, DOOR implements IMS metadata and content package standards, and is integrated with Moodle.
My task. Application design, development coordination, grant securing.
Client. eLab, Università della Svizzera italiana (employee work).
View. http://door.elearninglab.org


Water Land and People (2008)
Product. A capitalization of experience DVD+web product for experts in rural development and water management.
My task. Requirements, layout and graphic design, coordiantio of production DVD/web/printed media, implementation coordination (integrating products from 3 different authors, countries and languages in the same application).
Client. Work done for seed, on a contract with Intercooperation.
View. www.waterlandpeople.net